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I asked SONY XPERIA Support to fix my mobile phone which after almost one year suddenly stopped turning back on each time the screen went blank to hibernate it's a common hardware problem that you can find many youtube videos about with other Sony customers having the same problem. After ONE MONTH a full month of waiting and waiting I got my phone back IOS over night delivery why SONY would bother with that expense is beyond me...only to have the phone returned to me not repaired and told that it was "un-repairable due eto manufaturer's quality policy" and they diagnosed evidence of "corrosion" RATHER than replace the phone which was under warranty they just sent it back to me without any consideration that I was without a phone for one month it took them one month I am in shock of how low customer service has SANK I used to love sony have EVERYTHING sony not just mobiles pc's tv etc for well over a decade...i am disgusted how cheaply this company behaves this what I thought would be lifetime brand loyalty is so over I am just so disappointed I am on the phone with customer service right now to speak to both the rep I have been working with over the past FIVE 5 weeks as well as a manager IF sony OPTS not to be cheap and send me a replacement phone I will provide an update to this post and let everyone know that the Sony we all USED to know and love may have a glimmer of some redeeming quality left that it may have held onto over the years...but for now, just so disappointed.
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